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Julia Crash Course (eBook Pre-order)

Logan Kilpatrick

What is Julia Crash Course? 😯

Julia Crash Course is a hands-on guide to using the Julia programming language, written with beginners in mind. We take you from no knowledge of Julia to creating real projects you can include in a portfolio. But Julia Crash Course goes beyond just the syntax of the language, we walk you through how to make your first contributions to the Julia ecosystem, get involved with the community, and more.

Praise for the Julia Crash Course Authors ❤️

"Logan Kilpatrick is uniquely positioned to teach the next generation of Julia users. This book will be highly valuable for the julia programmers, as well as the beginner who wishes to become a developer." - Alan Edelman, MIT Professor and Co-creator of Julia

"Julia is a wonderful programming language. What is more, it has one of the most welcoming communities I have met. Logan has been devoted to building it for years, with great enthusiasm and success. I especially appreciate how helpful he is for newcomers and his explanations of technical issues as they are practical and easily accessible even by non-experts." - Bogumił Kamiński, Creator of DataFrames.jl, Author, Prolific Julia Contributor

"As the Julia Developer Community Advocate, Logan is on a mission to share the joy and power of Julia programming with the entire world. Over the last few years, he has introduced numerous readers to coding in Julia, expertly writing on a range of diverse topics such as machine learning, quantum computing, and web development. With his clear and direct style, Logan has an almost uncanny ability to explain complex ideas in easy to understand code that can be readily used in day-to-day Julia programs. I'm very excited about Logan's next step as a book author and I'm looking forward to reading the book!" - Adrian Salceanu Creator of Genie.jl, CEO of GenieCloud, Long time Julia Contributor

When will the book be available? ⏰

This is an early digital pre-order of the book. We will be sharing updated chapters as they become available over the next few months. Our goal is to have this book fully completed soon.

Digital pre-order customers will:

  • have the chance to give feedback
  • shape the future of this book which we expect to help tens of thousands of developers learn Julia
  • be given a special acknowledgment in the book
  • receive a PDF and epub version of the final book when it becomes available

Table of Contents 📚

Here is a WIP table of contents that is subject to change and input from those who pre-order:

How to Use This Book


  • Why Julia
  • Julia Community
  • Hello World!
  • Variables and Types
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • The REPL
  • Structs
  • Testing in Julia


  • Putting the Basics Into Action
  • Reading and Writing Files in Julia
  • Tricky Concepts
  • Contribute to Julia


  • Web Apps in Julia
  • Puzzle Game in Julia
  • Data Visualization with Plots and Makie


Note that the timeline set out above is an estimate, it may vary by 1-2 months.

A portion of the proceeds from this book goes to support the Open Source ecosystem.

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Julia Crash Course (eBook Pre-order)

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